in barrel thermostat aquarium stick on sucker style

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10 Mar 2018 14:53


just recently made a batch of wilkos cider 40pnts I read on a forum site that instead of buying expensive barrel warming mats or warming belts instead I read that a 40 watt aquarium water heater would surfice,however the instructions stated to keep the mix at a constant temp for 5 days until the yeast had worked that being 21degrees as it was I kept the heater in the fermenting bin for the entire period ,after this I transferred to a pressure barrel and have left the cider outside in the cold for over a week and have drunk the cider ,it is a little cloudy and slightly yeasty but really does the job .My questions to the members are is it ok to keep the heater on for the whole period and when is it best to drink ? even though it states on the instruction ready in 3 weeks. also is it best to bottle or keep in the barrel

please help

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